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Introducing Joule Ready: Sauces Made for Sous Vide Cooking

Make an incredible meal any night of the week.
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Choose your protein.

Sauces pair with whatever you’re craving.

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Add it to the Joule Ready bag.

Yep, sauces come in a sous vide bag!

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Cook with Joule.

Sauces are crafted for sous vide cooking.

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Plate and enjoy!

Serve with your favorite sides or follow the Featured Recipe in the Joule app.

See the sauce in action. Prepare to be hungry. 😋

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Bold, tangy, spicy, fragrant, rich, bright—a range of sauces offer culinary experiences for whatever you’re craving. Sauces feature unique, quality ingredients so you can make chef-level dishes at home.

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Sauces are made for sous vide cooking and come in a convenient sous vide bag. Just add your favorite protein for a perfect jump-start to your meal—whether it’s family dinner on a Tuesday or a Saturday night soiree.

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Joule Ready Sous Vide Starter sauces are crafted by ChefSteps’s award-winning chefs in Seattle and sent straight to your kitchen for delicious, elegant meals without any effort. Follow each sauce’s Featured Recipe or choose your own dinner adventure.

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Here’s what people are saying…

Jean beurre blanc

“It was easy to make and put together a wonderful weeknight meal that felt like we went out to a restaurant.”

—Jean E., Lemon Beurre Blanc

Anna beurre blanc

“The Joule Ready Sous Vide Starter sauce makes cooking easy and quick… It’s not like any prepared sauce available in the market as it tastes like something served in a good restaurant.”

—Anna A., Lemon Beurre Blanc

Carla thai panang

“It’s a great way to add a different flavor to the week without getting overly adventurous and complicated.”

—Carla G., Thai Panang Curry

“The marinade definitely turned an ordinary chicken thigh into something really unique.”

—Mark O., Ancho Chili Adobo

“Even if you don’t follow the recipe, the sauce makes a great starting point for a meal.”

—Jenny W., Ancho Chili Adobo

“The entire process from start to finish was very straightforward and the final product was quite yummy! I didn’t have to think very much about what my next step was, and it was overall an enjoyable and laid-back evening in the kitchen.”

—Krista H., Lemon Beurre Blanc

“Uniquely flavored sauce adds pizzazz to ordinary chicken, and we whipped up a delicious dish simply and easily. I wish all my delicious dinners were this easy!”

—Sara C., Salsa Chamoy

“Restaurant-quality flavors ready to go in your home.”

—Mitchell H., Thai Panang Curry

“Excellent sauce resulting in a meal that was both flavorful and enjoyable for the whole family! Looked impressive plated up, despite being super easy to prepare.”

—Kena B., Fig and Apricot Mostarda

Cooking With Joule Ready Is Easy

Seriously—incredible sauces, formulated for sous vide cooking, delivered to your door in a sous vide bag. All you have to do is add your favorite protein or follow step-by-step guides in the Joule app.
How to step1

Scan the code on the sauce package with the Joule app

How to step2

Follow the Featured Recipe, or add your favorite protein to the bag

How to step3

Drop it in the water for a perfect cook

How to step4

Plate and enjoy!

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